It was an Epic Dream (literally)

I dreamt about you last night. We were fooling around, as usual, and you were making fun of me for some reason I cannot recall. Then suddenly you pushed me against the wall and kissed me. It felt so real I can still sense it.

All of a sudden the scenario completely changed. We were in the medieval ages. Dreams can be confusing sometimes, so I'll try to recount what I remember. There were factions, four I think, all with their own banners, and for each a girl representing them. And they were competing, some sort of trials. I was one of the girls. For you to get the vision of it, it was basically Harry Potter meets Games of Thrones. The winner got to be with you, you were the prize. It's like my subconscious was telling me that I need to pass the trials to be with you.

The games are now just a blur in my mind, I can only remember fragments of it; for instance, one was to collect the higher amount of coins I could find before everything in the village caught fire (weird, right?).
I guess I won the trials because the scenario switched again. We were in a bedroom, very game of thrones-ish. We started to kiss while taking off our clothes and crawling into bed. You were aggressive, in a good way, if you know what I mean. Taking control, making the moves. The way I pictured you in this dream was far from the image I have of you in real life.
I was on top of you, we were kissing, our naked bodies touching each other, but as we were about to get down to business I felt something was off. You looked upset at some point and said something like "it's the first time I'm doing this because I'm mad". I asked you what you meant by that and you told me that you were just doing it for stress relief. I started crying and immediately slid to the side of the bed that was empty. You were like the rest of them after all, you weren't doing it because you loved me. You just tricked me into thinking that you wanted me to win by kissing me before the trials.

Well, I must say it was an epic rendition of real events.

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