I'm Scared To Death To Fall In Love With You

I can't barely describe what's happening to me, but I'll try.
Everytime I listen to that certain song, it reminds me of you, feels like your soul's within the melody, beneath the beat, wrapped in every single chord.
I miss you when you take a long time to answer me, I miss you when you don't show up, simply because I like your conversation.
I can't say that i'm in love or infactuated, in fact, I really don't know how I feel about you. Despite that, I can tell how good, soft, sweet and, sometimes, bittersweet it feels to talk to you.

I feel exposed, you can really strip me with words when you want to, and I just don't make any effort to resist because I become so vulnerable; I feel like giving all myself to you.

"I'm scared to death to fall in love with you" (Scared to death - HIM)

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