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The Video: A Guide for the Perplexed

Hold It Against Me Video: What the hell was that actually about?

It symbolizes her rise, fall, and comeback

She hits the earth like a meteor symbolizing the immediate and record-breaking success of her first record

She is immediately surrounded by managers, make-up artists, publicists, record-executives ect. They are putting on their clothes which symbolizes how perverse and sick-minded Hollywood people are, but they have to tone it down a little bit because they are working with a minor (Britney was 16 when she first started). They make her put on make up/perfume because they want her to change her image into a glammed up girl and leave behind who she really is. Meanwhile, there are camera flashes showing her fame.

The girl in media room represents her career. The wedding dress represents her purity and a perfect image that she had in the beginning of her career.

The blind people represent the general public who are blind because they don’t see her for who she really is. In the beginning of her career, the general public builds her up to the top while she creates her original music videos, represented by her rising up surrounded by them.

She feels lonely and looks for love, because she isn’t getting any being famous… This is symbolized by her finding someone who looks like Kevin Federline on a dating site. Finding him through the internet represents that she has nobody in her life who loves her, so she goes out to find someone… the internet dating site also represents how she found someone just by the cover, and can only see whatever he puts in his online profile, or whatever he “wants” her to see.

Then she starts fighting herself. This represents how she had to fight her own insecurities, hardships, and how she didn’t know who she was. The red Britney is constantly seen in front of microphones, and is the “famous Britney.” She is depicted as being evil. The green Britney is the Britney that she thinks she is. In more detail, you see them fighting but eventually the green Britney strangles the red Britney, or the one that was changed by fame and has a more-evil image.

Paint starts to come out of her fingers right as she fights herself. This occurs simultaneously because it is showing how her personal struggles affected her career. The paint gets all over her old videos — ruining her reputation, ruining her career, making people affiliate her with the messiness of her personal life rather than her great pop art.

If you look close, she has a creepily-large smile, almost like the joker. This represents that she tries to fake her happiness in her career but it starts to become obviously over-faked. It doesn’t look natural. When she pretends like shes happy, people know she really isn’t because they see the problems in her personal life.

The blind people (general public) come out from underneath her…. representing that the general public stopped supporting her. She falls to the bottom of the media room representing her fall in her career.

Instead of dying, she gets up and starts to dance again, representing that she didn’t give up and continued to work hard to get herself back on track. The two Britney’s that got in a fight with each other stop fighting and she starts rising to the top again in the media room. It takes a lot out of her, but she continues to arise to be the queen of pop once more! The paint is still on her dress and on the videos, representing that the mistakes she made will not go away, and she will never be able to have that “perfect/pure” image again but she still rises.

The question mark at the end represents’ “Who knows what will happen next? The next chapter in Britney’s epic career is just unfolding.”

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