Está tudo dito aqui (Betrayal/Forgiveness by Apocalyptica)

All I ever wanted
to understand my nightmares
possessed by my fears
betrayed by my pride
alone I wandered in the deepest Dark
seeking comfort from the vanity
each time I escaped the Real
my soul died, died a bit more
confronting the evil within
praying for my angel to appear
agonized whisper into the emptiness
begging for salvation - salvation for this cursed mind
Words without meaning
Touch without feeling
I do not recognize my own face...
eyes that were once shinning
now extinguished
left only a silent cold
sound of a tear falling down
in the desperate hour of loneliness
this shattered heart reaching
for it's relief - the relief it can not find
Glance without affection
Kiss without sensitivity
Promise without comprehensoin
Love without hope
I do not remember my own tale...
betrayed by my Anger
betrayed by my Beliefs
betrayed by my Delusions
betrayed by my Lust
(I wish)
Strength - to be released from my demons
(I desire)
Wisdom - to forgive the Past forgive me

text by Perttu Kivilaakso; from the song Betrayal/Forgiveness by Apocalyptica

eu não detenho nenhuns direitos sobre o texto; embora este descreva, melhor do que eu alguma vez poderia descrever, o que sinto!

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